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Top 10 Natural Weight Gain Products for Children

April 9, 2014 |

Concurrent to the epidemic of childhood obesity, lays also the problem of children growing underweight or malnutritioned, especially in the third world countries. This is due to the fact the children are relieving a low amount of calories that helps in the development of growth.

Hence they should be receiving ample amounts of food materials that help them to gain weight, or certain products that help them to naturally gain weight. Below given is a list of the top 10 natural weight gain products for children.

1. Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried fruits and nuts are full of calories and nutrients. So add lots of raisins, almonds and nuts into your kid’s diet. You can even put them as toppings on ice creams.

2. Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Everybody loves the peanut butter! It is a rich source of protein and fat at the same time healthy too. Besides, a serving on the bread is good for your heart as well.

3. Cheese


Cheese is one hell of a weight gaining ingredient to gain weight. Along with calories, it is also rich with protein, calcium and cholesterol.

4. Potato


Potatoes are rich sources of complex carbohydrates along with starch, fiber and vitamin C. So it is a must in the diet.

5. Whole Milk

Whole Milk

Combine it with oatmeal or cereal, and whole milk is probably the healthiest drink that a child requires in their growing age.

6. Butter


Another milk product, butter can be teamed up with almost anything and it gives your taste buds a new hi- five of flavors.

7. Pasta


Ever thought somebody would recommend such a tasty food to actually help your body grow? Pastas and macaronis are storehouse of calories.

8. Eggs


Team up two eggs with your child’s breakfast daily and you will see a spurt of weight within a week.

9. Lean Red Meat

Lean Red Meat

If your mouth is already watering, remember, red meat also helps you grow strong muscles.

10. Sugary Fruits

Sugary Fruits

Try out bananas, mangoes, pineapples and papaya. They are extremely tasty and rich in calories.

Gaining excessive weight in children brings too many health adversities at a tender age; thus parents should know where to stop. The best option is to check with the doctor before they start a diet chart and clarify if weight gain is at all needed for the child. The above said foods are both healthy and aids in weight gain but the correct amount and restrictions should also be kept in mind.

Gaining Weight? 5 Surprising Reasons You Must Know

April 7, 2014 |

For people who tend to eat more of fried foods, sugary soft drinks, large portions of meals, a lot of fats and carbohydrates, weight gain is an obvious result. In fact those who indulge in little physical workout and eat normal amounts too tend to gain weight.  But what about weight gain in the case of those people who eat a healthy diet, workout regularly and keep a check on their caloric intake? Well you will be surprised to know that there are many other reasons of weight gain which you aren’t aware of. Let’s look at the top 5 of them:

reasons for weight gain

1. Lack of Sleep

Yes, lack of adequate amounts of sleep can result in gaining weight.  What happens is that the body functions in the best way when it gets enough rest and without sleep or rest, the body tends to store fat more efficiently.  In fact when a person feels tired or sleepy, he/she may not handle stress in the best way and this may lead to eating more as a cope up mechanism.  Thus lack of sleep or rest is a reason for gaining weight.

2. Stress

Stress is said to be a leading cause of weight gain in people.  Stress affects not only our mind and emotions but also our bodies because it tends to slow the metabolism in humans, thereby leading to storage of fat and hence results in weight gain. Thus this is another surprising reason of weight gain.

3. Medications

There are many medicines and medicinal drugs which may cause weight gain in humans.  Some prescription drugs which are used for the treatment of migraines, depression, seizures and diabetes can lead to gaining of weight. In fact some hormone related medicines too are known to cause weight gain and are another surprising reason for the weight gain that you may have been experiencing.

4. Medical Condition

Some people tend to gain excessive amounts of weight when they are suffering from some kind of a medical disorder or condition.  The most common medical condition which may cause gain of weight is hypothyroidism.  Another rare condition which is known to cause addition of pounds is Crushing syndrome.

5. Menopause

Most women experience menopause during midlife and this may cause weight gain. This happens due to hormonal changes in the body and also due to slowed down metabolism which is due to the aging of the body.  Hence menopause too is one of the top 5 surprising reasons for weight gain.

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Relationship between Weight Gain and Knee Problems

April 4, 2014 |

Being overweight tends to put a lot of pressure on many of the body parts, especially joints like knees, hips, back and the neck.  Infact it is a fact that a force of about 3 to 6 times the weight of person is exerted on his/her knee while walking, jogging or running.  Therefore the more the weight of a person increases, the more is the force or pressure on the knee which thereby leads to knee problems.  Let’s learn more about the relationship between weight gain and knee problems:

weight gain and knee problems

  • Many population based studies have proved that being obese or overweight can lead to a problem known as knee OA (osteoarthritis).  In fact one of the study also showed that obese women had 4 times more risk of knee OA than non-obese women and this fact is enough to indicate a strong link and relationship between weight gain and knee troubles.  In the case of obese men, this risk factor is 5 times the risk factor of knee OA in non-obese men.
  • People in the highest quintile of weight of the body have 10 times more risk of developing knee problems when compared with people in lowest quintile of weight of the body.

Ways to Manage your Weight in Order to Prevent Knee Problems:

The best way to relieve yourself of knee problems is by reducing weight or losing weight.  The following are some more tips and suggestions for managing your weight.

  • You must participate in moderate levels of physical workouts or activity if you wish to keep losing weight regularly and in the right manner. Start with 15 minutes of exercise and then progress onto 30 minutes daily.
  • The next step to lose weight is to cut back on the number of calories you consume per day.  For this you can reduce the dietary fat and eat more of healthy food items which may cause weight gain such as unsaturated fats and complex carbohydrates.
  • Make sure that you make weight loss a priority in your life if you wish to relieve yourself of the knee problems that you are facing.
  • Some other ways to lose weight in order to cure or minimize your knee problems is to go for gastric surgery or pharmacotherapy.
  • Speak to your healthy nutritionist or weight loss guide in order get an effective weight loss program designed for yourself. He/she shall take into account your medical history and then give you a dietary plan.

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Top 6 Meals for 3000 Calorie Meal Plan

April 2, 2014 |

For people who are into bodybuilding or muscle training, there are many set and recommended meal plans which can help them to build lean muscles and also pack in essential nutrients such as proteins and fats. A 3000 calorie meal plan is a popular meal plan which makes sure you get a lot of calories and promotes muscle and growth.  This meal plan also enables you to burn fat as the foods included in this plan boosts your metabolism.

3000 Calorie Meal Plan


The following are the top 6 meals for a 3000 calorie meal plan:

Meal number 1

In this meal, you need 2 whole eggs which account for 160 calories, 5 egg whites which account for 100 calories, a bagel which accounts for 210 calories and cream cheese which accounts for 50 calories. The total caloric intake after having this meal is 520 calories. It also contains 40 units of protein, 42 units of carbs and 17 units of fat.

Meal number 2

This meal includes 8 ounces of cottage cheese which makes up for 200 calories, 1 serving of almonds which accounts for 161 calories, 1 banana accounting for 121 calories. The total number of calories in this meal is 482, total number of protein is 35, total number of carbs is 47 and total number of fat is 20.

Meal number 3

The third meal in this meal plan comprises of 8 ounces of chicken breast accounting for 255 calories, 1 serving of brown rice accounting for 220 calories, 1 sweet potato accounting for 103 calories. The total number of calories that you can get by having this meal is 578.

Meal number 4

The 4th meal which is a part of this 3000 calorie meal plan consists of 2 scoops of protein powder accounting for 240 calories, 10 ounces of skim milk accounting for 100 calories, 1 banana accounting for 121 calories and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter accounting for 97 calories. The total number of calories is 558.

Meal number 5

This meal has 348 calories of grilled salmon, 103 calories of sweet potato, 50 calories of salad and the total caloric content which this meal comprises of is 501 calories.

Meal number 6

The last meal comprises of 180 calories of protein powder, 10 ounces of skim milk making for 100 calories, and 97 calories of peanut butter. Total number of calories in this meal is 377 calories.

Total of all meals: 3016 calories.

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