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Causes of Excessive Weight Gain in Children

If you find your child to be gaining extreme weight quickly, you will most likely try to find out the reason. There could be a number of causes of excessive weight gain in children.Excessive Weight Gain in Children


Hypothyroidism can cause excessive, sudden weight gain in children, as well as in adults. If the level of thyroid hormone, which is responsible for controlling metabolism, is found to be low, then your child can develop hypothyroidism. This problem can also be hereditary and it can be treated with daily medicine prescribed by the doctor.

Psychological Causes

There is a possibility in children, to get extremely depressed or stressed. These factors can lead to weight gain. Stress and depression can cause fatigue and excessive sleep, along with increase in food cravings. These problems can lead to rapid weight gain.


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that can occur in teen girls. PCOS causes hormonal imbalance in the body of females leading to weight gain. Extreme facial hair, acne and irregular periods can be other possible symptoms of PCOS. It is possible to treat this condition with the help of medicines and other medical alternatives. Proper diet and regular exercise is also suggested to deal with weight issues.


Heredity is another factor that can cause obesity in children. If either of the child’s parents is obese, he/she has 50% chances of being obese. If the both the child’s parents are obese, then the chances of children being obese increases to 80%. If your family has a history of obesity, then this could be the main cause of excessive weight gain in your child. You may combat this hereditary problem with the help of some lifestyle changes.


Unhealthy eating practices and lack of physical activities contribute to weight gain in children. If your children indulge more in unhealthy junk foods, fattening oily foods and remain inactive, there are more chances of your kids being overweight. Balanced diet, coupled with physical activities can help in developing healthy lifestyle for your child through adulthood.

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