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Causes of Rapid Weight Gain in Women

Unhealthy eating practices and lack of physical activities are said to be the main factors causing weight gain. There can also be many other possible factors, especially in the case of unreasonable weight gain in women. Here we specify the major causes of rapid weight gain in women.Rapid Weight Gain in Women

1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

This condition can be one possible reason for rapid and unreasonable weight gain among women. It usually starts around the time of puberty and women keep gaining weight, unaware of this syndrome. In this condition, the ovaries or adrenal glands discharge high amounts of male hormone. Some symptoms of PCOS include facial hair problem, thinning of hair, irregular periods and severe acne. The main cause of this problem is not known and is generally believed to be genetic.

2. Menopause

Body undergoes various changes during menopause and one such change is the redistribution of mass in the body. Due to radical hormonal changes, several problems may arise, such as depression, sleeplessness and greater appetite. The changes that take place are permanent and make it difficult to control body weight in the starting years of menopause. Rapid weight gain due to menopause may be controlled by eating proper food and exercising regularly.

3. Cushing Syndrome

In women, a tumor that develops in pituitary glands causes Cushing syndrome, resulting in hormonal imbalance. When an individual is stressed, the level of hormone cortisol rises, leading to this syndrome. The body tries to counter this hormonal disruption, by preserving energy and thereby leading to weight gain. Cushing syndrome is a rare disorder in women that may go undiagnosed for years, causing rapid weight gain.

4. Medications

Contraceptive medicines are one of the main reasons of uncontrolled weight gain among women. Weight increment, due to these pills is rapid, but not excessive. Other drugs which may also cause rapid weight gain include diabetic medicines, antidepressants, migraine relievers, anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic medicines. This gain in weight can be controlled by following a healthy diet and regular workouts.

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