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Diabetes and Weight Gain

Diabetes, an issue: Diabetes is an illness from which at least one out ten people suffers. Losing weight is a common factor in diabetes. This happens as due to high sugar level in body the excess sugar in the body is eliminated through urine and along with it the calorie that the body requires.

Weight gain through insulin therapy: As a result, a diabetes patient has to go for insulin therapy. Insulin controls the blood sugar level in the body, which results in weight gain.   Insulin also slows down the metabolism process in the body as the blood sugar level comes under control. The weight gain increases the resistance of the body cells to insulin and this result in need for more medication. Thus, a circle follows of gaining weight and the body cells resisting against insulin.

Controlling weight gain: Some diabetes patients take insulin to control the weight gain process. However, this is a dangerous habit and should be avoided. After taking insulin, one may have the craving to have snack, which is also not good. In order to avoid this one can reduce the doses of insulin. If the blood sugar level is under control, the diabetes patient can consult his doctor to reduce the dose of insulin. This also helps in controlling weight gain. In order to control weight gain a good dietician can also be consulted and also an exercise coach. This helps in maintaining healthy lifestyle as doctor suggests a safe diet and a workout schedule. There will also be proper nutrition and diabetes control.

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