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Gym Diet Chart

Hitting the gym is one of the most advisable ways that lean people can use to compliment their weight gain efforts. Although many people thought that exercising was a preserve of the overweight, research has proven that even lean people seeking to gain weight need to exercise too. This is especially for people who want to be muscular as opposed to chubby.

Protein-rich foods
Red meat Steaks, ground round, deer, buffalo, lamb, beef etc
Poultry Turkey, duck, whole chicken, chicken breast etc
Fish Salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines
Eggs Avoid the egg white
Dairy Cottage cheese, quark, whey, yogurt
Calorie-rich foods
Pasta 100 grams of pasta has 380 calories
Whole milk 1 gallon per day will do the trick
Nuts 100 grams of mixed nuts have at least 500 calories
Olive oil 1 tablespoon contains 100 calories. You can sip it or mix it with other foods.

Gyms focus in strength training, which means that one develops more muscles. Some of the ideal ways to start is by lifting free weights, engaging in compound exercise such as dead lifts, bench press, dips, overhead presses, squats and pull-ups among others.

One should ensure that they never skip breakfast. The breakfast should contain energy-giving foods as the first meal of the day. One should the take a snack in the mid morning, then lunch, followed by another snack in the mid-afternoon. Just after coming from the gym, a person should take a post-work out shake, preferably made of milk, banana, whey and oats. Dinner should include a balanced diet, high in caloriesproteins andcarbohydrates. The last meal for a person who frequents the gym should be a pre-bed meal made of light foods such as berries, cottage cheese and flax seed or fish oil.

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