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Healthy Weight Gain Tips for Men

Being too thin can have a negative impact on the confidence levels of personality conscious individuals. If you are trying to pack the right amount of pounds at specific areas to improve your looks, you should follow the below listed, healthy weight gain tips for men.Weight Gain Tips for Men


  • The most important thing to be considered for gaining weight is to consume more calories. You should see that your intake of calories is higher than the amount that is burned by the body. As you cannot eat more in one single meal, you should increase your number of meals in a day. Try to eat some foods that are packed with nutrients, every two hours or so.
  • Start by calculating your daily calorie intake and also the amount of calories burned. You should increase your calorie consumption gradually. Thereafter, prepare a diet plan such that, you get 3500 more calories per week. This will help you in gaining about one to two pounds every week.
  • Include plenty of fats and proteins in your diet. Milk, meat, chicken and eggs are good sources of protein. You should consume lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Have assorted nuts for snacks.
  • Regular workouts and proper weight training exercises play a major role in weight gain among men. The additional calories that you take get converted to muscle mass, if you follow a specific workout regimen. Otherwise, they get converted to fats and get stored at unwanted areas of your body. It is suggestible to work out at least three times in a week, to accelerate the process of weight gain.
  • Determination is another important factor that helps in gaining weight. You should stick to your workout regimen and diet plan, to get the body which you always desired. It is necessary to consume calorie-dense foods, but avoid junk foods and unhealthy fats that can cause various health issues.

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