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Hormones and weight gain

Hormones and weight gain shares a very close relationship. Due to hormonal imbalance, maintenance of body weight and reducing it to an expected level is a fight according to the experts. Hormonal imbalance is occurred due to numerous biological reasons, which are related to weight gain during the clinical trials.

Weight gain caused by the hormones:

Hormones imbalance leads to several physical disorders, especially in females. In some cases, only a few parts of the body gain weight, whereas in rest cases the full body gains excessive weight. Following factors can be considered for understanding the relationship between hormones and weight gain:

  • Estrogens are the one factor which contributes in bringing monthly ovulation. Any imbalance to this process can cause the weight gain in the female body.
  • Menopause is equally responsible for gaining the body weight.
  • In teenagers, the hormones remain in swing order, which are responsible for several body changes and directly contribute in weight gain. Frequent happiness, anger, confusion and depression affect the hormones production and enhance the tendency of weight gain.
  • In males, testosterone is required for muscle building and helps to burn excessive energy which relief the pain from metabolism. If any fall is occurred to the testosterone, this may reduce the metabolism, and the body starts gaining weight at a rapid rate.

Controlling weight gain caused by the hormones:

  • Follow a healthy diet plan to keep the hormonal balance.
  • Do exercise, walk and aerobics to control the weight gain as well as to keep the hormones in order.
  • If the problem is serious, then consult the doctor for switching to a medical hormonal plan.
  • Try to avoid the stress and be happy to maintain the hormones in balance.

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