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Ice cream weight gain

Ice cream is rich in calcium.  Foods rich in calcium help regulate body weight and provide an easier and inexpensive way to gain weight taking in delicious foods.  This means that it is possible to gain weight without having to resort to changing schedules, stopping exercises and eating junk food full of fats.

For notable results, a woman should take two scoops the size of a tennis ball ice cream a day while a man should take three.  This will give the body enough calcium to achieve the weight gain goal.

Ice cream weight gain is one of the ways that a person can gain weight because ice cream has a tremendously high calorie value. Ice cream weight gain will definitely get you to gain over three thousand calories in a day. Ice cream contains more than 1000 kj that you can eat in between meals or after meals which will sufficiently lead to increased weight gain.

Most ice cream is sugar loaded, and how much of it you eat actually can make you gain a lot of weight. Ice cream weight gain may not be a viable long term solution to increase your weight since most ice creams are weighed down by lots of unhealthy preservatives and dyes. Thus it is important for someone who wants to gain weight to eat ice cream in restraint. If kept to a maximum of 1 ½ scoops in a day, it cannot hurt as long as it is eaten with a balanced diet.

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