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Lithium Weight Gain

Lithium is a prescription drug used to suppress or stop maniac outbreaks experienced in patients with bipolar syndrome, where a patient has abnormally high and low mood swings. Like many other antidepressants, lithium can stir up the user’s desire for food and drink, and can be used to treat anorexia. Anorexia is a disease where a patient suffers from lack of appetite and normally regurgitates food after eating. This means that one need needs to find alternative ways ofhealthy weight gain.

a.First, see a doctor and explain your condition. Go through every course of treatment there is and if the doctor settles on lithium, let him or her explain the benefits and side-effects of the drug.

b.Inform him or her of any other medication you might be taking. Lithium might interact with another medicine even a simple pain-killer to produce totally devastating results.

c. Find out the required dosage and adhere to it. Lithium can be unhealthy if used outside the recommended doses.

d.Have a clear mental image of how lithium will affect your life. Patients tend to develop altering moods when using lithium and you should be aware of all the effects that you may possibly exhibit. Make sure you have a deep understanding of this before you make a conscious decision to use lithium.

e.Lithium may sometimes leave a patient with withdraw symptoms after its cessation and some of them might be life threatening. Be aware of all this before embarking on lithium medication.

f.  Also see a psychiatrist to guide you on how best to use lithium to gain weight. Strictly follow the doctors’ advice and make sure you don’t over dose or under dose for lithium can be fatal.

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