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Low carb weight gain

Low carb ideally means diets that are limited in carbohydrates. They are more bent on diets that have less carbohydrates and more proteins and vitamins. They are generally used by people looking at loosing tummy weight gain though they can be wheeled around to cater for those looking at low carb weight gain.

Here is how to


People’s looking at menopausal weight gain must use a diet that contains foods that are high in carbohydrates. This will lead to more fat stored in the body tissues and this will increase their weight.


Regular exercise is a must for people who want to healthily gain weight. It will help them gain weight as it will be equally distributed. Risks of other conditions such as cardiovascular and diabetes will be kept at bay.

Change of lifestyle

People looking at gaining weight must change their lifestyle. They should exercise a life free from alcohol and smoking. The two work negatively and even end up causing certain conditions in their bodies such as alcoholic and smoking weight gain.


An increased fluid consumption will lead to good weight gain. Indulging in fluids such as water, milk and soft drinks will lead to an increased weight.

Healthy eating

Observing a healthy diet will lead to healthy weight gain since the ideal body foods will be taken in the right amounts. Proportionate intakes of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins will lead to a healthy body. Conditions associated with poor diets will be curbed.

Weight gain supplements

These come with calories which are essential in good weight gain. There are many brands in the market such as muscle juice, gainers fuel and many others.

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