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Olive oil weight gain

The key to gaining weight as any medical or health expert can tell you is by eating healthy.  If you are taking in high quality food, you can gain weight as desired without even realizing it.  The most important thing here is the amount of calories digested.  Foods with higher calories like Olive oil is more important in gaining weight than those known for low fat, high protein, low carb and others with other known “health benefits”.

Olive oil weight gain is effective in that it does away any dangers associated with weight gain and any unbalanced fat deposits in the body.  Most people misunderstand gaining weight by becoming fat.  Gaining weight by eating more of any food is dangerous to one’s health and does not retain the initial fat percentage in the body.  However, using Olive oil as the primary ingredient in the weight gain process not only ensures faster results, it also maintains the body’s fat percentage to the minimum and keeps the heart healthy.  This is the best way to gain weight without building body fat.  For healthier weight gain, it is best to gain weight while maintaining the initial fat percentage in the body.

If it seems impossible to gain weight by eating a lot more, it is best to begin by eating 20 calories for every pound of bodyweight in olive oil rich food.  This quantity can be increased in two weeks to 300 or 500 calories of olive oil rich food and there will definitely be notable results in weight gain.

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