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Peanut Butter Weight Gain

It is estimated that regular eating of peanut butter gives some one some extra 200 calories. This is approximately 16 fat grams.  It is perfect for moderate use by people who want to gain weight. Recent research has also shown that since peanut butter has a satisfying effect that settles all cravings, it can also be used by obese people who want to shed some KGs.  It can also be consumed by people who crave for food for purposes of reducing their intake of high-sugar and fast food diets.

  • Peanut butter has proteins, which is an ideal nutrient for muscle development and eventual weight gain
  • Peanut butter is rich in fiber thus encouraging a person to drink more water. This means that the body cells are hydrated and this may eventually lead to weight gain.
  • The protein content in peanut butter helps to boost one’s immune system thus reducing the likelihood of illnesses which may lead to weight loss.

Peanut butter consumption for weight gain purposes should however be done by people who want to gain weight eventually. This is because thecalories contained in peanut butter are broken slowly during the digestion process. This in turn means that a person does not need the urge to eat as often.  For a person who struggles with poor appetite, peanut butter can only worsen an already bad situation. In addition to peanut butter, one can make a deliberate effort to exercise regularly, eat regular meals and drink adequate amounts of water for the weight gain plan to be successful.

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