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Splenda Weight Gain

Splenda is an artificial sweetener that is used to facilitate healthy weight gain. This sweetener boosts weight gain because the body does not recognize it as food and this leads to overeating since the desire for real food is not subdued. This leads to weight gain as people end up consuming more food plus these simple carbs contained in splenda.

How to gain weight

Simple carbs

Splenda is a simple carbohydrate that leads to good weight gain. It works in such a way that once it is consumed, it does not undergo the process of digestion since it is a simple sugar. It is absorbed directly into the bloodstream where it is sent to the tissues in form of fat. This heightens the blood sugar and leads to eventual weight gain.

Increase your calorie consumption

People looking at gaining weight using splenda need to ensure that they eat more calories than their body burns. Calories are the chief cause ofbody weight gain in people and the more they are consumed the higher the chances of achieving that desired body weight.


Regular exercise is prime for all those people looking at healthy weight gain. It is advisable to work out at least 3 to 4 times in a week. This exercise can either be regular walks, skipping or even running on a good day. Even weight distribution will also come with exercise.

Get drinking

Drinking a lot of water will work towards good weight gain. Water comes stuffed with energy that aids weight gain. The least people want to suffer from is dehydration. Exercise lead to perspiration and drinking a lot of water is of essence.

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