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Weight Gain after Surgery

Surgery is a medical procedure where a patient suffering from a disease or a grave illness needs to undergo an operation. The patient undergoes a treatment in the form of an instrumental technique or a manual operative in a surgery. There are various reasons for increase in body weight after an individual has undergone surgery that is related to inactive lifestyle followed by the patient after the surgery.

Reasons for weight gain after surgery:

There are various reasons that can be cited for increase in body weight after an individual has undergone surgery. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  1. Lack of physical activity: After surgery majority of the patients are advised rest and restricted to participate in any strenuous activities or exercise. When we are on bed rest, we are not involved in any physical activity and thus fewer calories are burnt which leads to weight gain. Moreover the lack of exercise and any type of physical activity also leads to poor metabolism which is also a reason of weight gain.
  1. Control food habits: Sometimes after surgery the food habit of a person also changes and his appetite may increase. Increase in appetite also means more consumption of food which finally leads to weight gain.
  1. Psychological change: There can be psychological changes in a patient after undergoing a surgery that may lead him to depression which may cause several changes in the body out of which weight gain is one of them.
  1. Medications: After a surgery patients are prescribed various type of medicines out of which many of them have ingredients that may lead to weight gain problem.

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