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Weight gain at waist

There are many key factors that lead to weight gain around the waist and the stomach.  It is a common misconception that weight gain at waist is as a result of not exercising.  This is not true because you can have a healthy waist even if you are not exercising and can still gain weight on your waist even if you exercise regularly.  Weight gain at waist is influenced more by the food you take than the amount you take or the exercises you undertake.  Research shows that 70 percent of weight gain at waist comes from food intake.  Whether you are seeking to gain weight at waist or to avoid gaining, there are a list of foods that you should know contributes to weight gain and others that prevent it.


Sugar has lots of calories that contribute to weight gain at waist.  Sugar is contained in most foods but exist in large quantities in donuts, ice cream, candy and all sweets.  If this sugar is not burned, it will be converted into fats and deposited in the body since sugar is very hard to burn.

b.Drink lots of water

Drink water at all times to stay healthy.  Medical and nutritional experts advise that a healthy adult should take eight glasses of water in a day.  If you are seeking to gain weight at waist, you should take fruit juices, orange juice and Gatorade because they have sugar that will be deposited in the waist line.

c. Salt

Salt hold liquids and fatty acids on your body for long.  This will allow the body to absorb other nutrients and liquids.  If you are seeking to gain weight at waist, you should consider using salt in your diet more frequently.

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