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Weight Gain Fluid

Body weight fluctuations are as a result of loss of or gain in body fluid. Healthy individuals are able to retain water which subsequently translates to weight gain. The body can retain up to 5 pounds of water which are stored in the extra cellular fluid. For people with large body mass the retention of water especially if their intake of processed food is high can upto to 8-10 weight gain fluid retention.

High weight gain fluid retention can be attributed to increased sodium in an individual diet that can lead to such complications as high blood pressure. Weight gain results from a combination of water retention as well as fat stores.

People who have lost weight for whatever reasons tend to regain some weight after a while mainly because of water replenishment.

Weight gain fluid can also be a reason to worry. Some of the causes include:

1.Consumption of alcohol

2.Some drugs like cyproheptadine, tranquilizers, lithium, antidepressants, phenothiazines result in an unhealthy weight gain fluid and edema.

3.Doing minimal exercise and eating a lot

4.Cushing syndrome

5.Emotional factors like guilt, anxiety, and depression also cause weight gain luid.

6.Food rich in high calorie and carbohydrate


8.As a result of quitting smoking

9.Polycystic ovary syndrome.

Such weight gain should be checked by a regimen exercise and proper diet. Alcohol should be avoided if it results in unhealthy weight gain. Consulting your health care provider is imperative as it helps you to gain weight in a healthy manner.

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