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Weight Gain Side Effects

The side effects of weight gain are all uniform despite the various causes that may lead to it. For lean people, weight gain may not come with severe side effects as the same would on people with average weights.

  • In pregnant women, weight gain especially around the stomach area usually leads to conditions such as hernia, whereby, a small portion of the woman’s stomach spreads out above the diaphragm.
  • In cancer survivors, unhealthy weight gain only increases the risk of the cancer recurrence.  Although many cancer survivors need to add some weight to acquire healthy weight, lack of exercise and poor eating habits usually leads to weight gain. The treatment received may also contribute to weight gain but this should be effectively managed through lifestyles adjustments.
  • For people on depression medication, the side effects of weight gain are decreased self confidence, which may lead them deeper into the depression, or other health consequences like increased risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity.
  • People on psychotic medication may experience the same side effects that people on depression treatment experience.

Overall, the side effects of unhealthy weight gain are mainly exposing the person to the probability of poor health. This is due to the increased risk of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and insulin resistance. However, although specific treatments or psychological conditions to causeunhealthy weight gain, one should take responsibility for his or her own health. This requires one to plan an exercise plan and a diet that will lead to shedding off the extra KGs.

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