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Weight Gain Stories

Weight gain has always been a problem to many people in the world today. Lack of exercises and consumption of junky foods brings about increase in general weight. Below is a sample of a weight gaining story from a university student:

I was always an athletic in high school and I thought I was “average” build. I was very comfortable with my body and the way I looked. During my stay at high school, I had gained about ten pounds. So when I started my year at the university, I promised myself that I would go to the gym as much as possible and eat healthy foods. I only told myself these things but never accomplished any of them.

It was hard to resist the food offered in dining halls and the fast food restaurants were my favourite joints. They were the only foods which I relied on the whole day since I was on my own. I also had a problem with drinking.

As the year wore on, I did not notice that I had gained considerable weight. By the end of the first year, I had gained ten pounds! My face was larger and I seemed to have lost the muscle and gained more fat on the cheeks. For my clothing, I was not wearing the same size anymore.

I realized that I must change the way I lived. First, I tried so much to avoid the dining halls and the fast food restaurants but at other times there were temptations to eat out at the restaurants. I have begun to change the way that I eat and try very much not to eat out. For now I am trying to attend the gym as many times as possible.

I advice other people eat healthy, exercise regularly and always remember that drinking also causes weight gain.

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