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Weight Gain tips


  1. It is important that as you gain weight you focus on building muscle and not fat. Therefore, take in a lot of proteins such as milk, tuna, legumes, chicken. Bad eating habits will make you flabby and unhealthy.
  1. At all costs, do not be tempted to include steroids in your weight gain program out of desperation. They are harmful and costly to your health.
  1. Consider joining weight gain programs as you can get a lot of hints and new techniques on gaining weight. Weight gain programs also help in keeping you focused on a day to day basis since it is a guide on what to do at what particular time.
  1. The weight gain program you chose should guide you in light of the needs of your daily lifestyle, schedule and responsibilities. If you chose the wrong weight program, you will not achieve your goals and end up being frustrated.
  1. Your work outs should last between 1-2 hours. Ensure you get enough sleep and rest especially when engaging in workouts. Remember it is aweight gain program and not a punishment.
  1. Also read tutorial guides. You can get a lot of these online. They will give you a lot of tips and hints on gaining weight.
  1. There are always new books being released in the market that give new techniques and advice on how to gain weight, so it will be worth your while to constantly keep checking what is in the market.
  1. Remember to weigh yourself at the start and at the end of your weight gain routine. This will help you know how much you are gaining on a week to week basis.
  1. Understand that weight gaining will require a lot of motivation to keep going.
  1. Once you have attained your weight gain goals, remember to work at maintaining it.

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