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What Pills Can Help You Gain Weight

Individuals, who plan to gain extra body mass, consider taking supplements for weight gain. Pills are a great way of gaining some pounds quickly, but may involve certain health risks. Before you start taking weight gain pills, it is necessary to consult your doctor. Here we specify what pills can help you gain weight easily.


As per the website, Methyltestosterone is used to increase the production of testosterone. This pill is mostly used by athletes to gain mass, even though it is not particularly prescribed for gaining weight, as per You can take Methyltestosterone either with food or without, but if your stomach gets upset, then it is recommended to take it with food, to counter the problem. It is essential to follow the advice of your physician or a pharmacist. lists weight gain as a grave side effect, which may be accompanied by other side effects like allergic reaction, pain, occurrence of lumps on body and unusual bleeding or bruising. This pill may react with other drugs.


Oxandrolone is a steroid, which is typically prescribed for the individuals who need to put on weight, after suffering serious weight loss owing to injury, surgery, or certain medical conditions like osteoporosis, as per MedlinePlus. This pill is generally used in combination with a workout plan and a healthy diet, to boost weight gain. It increases the production of protein in your body, promoting muscle mass gain. Depending on the amount of body mass you require gaining, doctors typically prescribe oxandrolone for two to four weeks for the patients. Instead of keeping, if you start losing weight, your doctor may provide a new prescription, after a short time period.


A study was conducted by The Department of Dermatology in Germany’s University of Essen, to test oxymetholone effectiveness in causing weight gain in HIV patients. Individuals were divided into three groups. Only oxymetholone was given to the individuals in first group, while ketotifen steroid, along with oxymetholone, was given to second group. Third group was not given any medications. After analyzing the results, it was concluded that the pill oxymetholone was very effective in aiding weight gain, when used alone, rather than with other weight gain supporting medications.

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